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3.1 Data Protection

ANA DE MATTOS respects the privacy of all users of its website and undertakes to protect the personal information that each user decides to share, in accordance with current national and community legislation. Some sections and/or functionalities of this website can be browsed without recourse to the disclosure of any personal information by the user.

The data collected is the responsibility of ANA DE MATTOS , which will process and store them by computer and will be used in pre-contractual and contractual relations established with its Customers or potential Customers, within the scope of the products and services available.

Within the scope of customer data management, the personal data collected will be transmitted to third parties that are companies transporting goods with the sole and exclusive purpose of carrying out and fully executing the services or products purchased by the user, holder of the personal data collected.

Personal data relating to name, telephone, address and e-mail may also be used for advertising and marketing purposes, namely for sending information regarding offers from ANA DE MATTOS . The data subject is guaranteed the right to oppose the use of the data provided for advertising and marketing purposes, and such request must be sent in writing to the e-mail provided by ANA DE MATTOS .

3.2 Law and Venue

These general conditions are governed by Portuguese law.

All disputes arising from the interpretation or execution of this agreement will be settled by the Porto District Court. with express waiver of any other.

3.4 Cookies

Cookies are small text files sent by websites and stored on each user's personal computer.

The use of cookies is aimed at increasing the efficiency of websites, as well as providing website owners with useful information for the improvement and improvement of the website and the services provided.
In order to provide services with content adapted to the interests of visitors, the websites use cookie technology to collect and store information.

Using cookie technology to count visits to pages allows analysis of site usage more accurately.

 The websites, once registered by the client/user, use cookie technology in order to have access to a small data file generated by the client/user.
If the customer/user does not wish to receive cookies, he can configure his computer to notify him whenever he receives a cookie or disable all cookies through his browser.
If you disable cookies, you may not be able to access some of the features offered by the websites.

3.5 Privacy policy

In compliance with Law No. 67/98 of October 26, on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the processing of personal data collected on the website www.a is the responsibility of the company MATOS & PAIVA LDA, NIF 516 276 565.

ANA DE MATTOS keeps your data safe and accessible. We present below what types of personal data are processed, for what purposes and for how long they are kept:

MAHRLA, within the scope of its activities, processes personal data necessary for the provision of services and/or supply of products.

Your data will be used to improve your browsing experience and preferences.

Personal data are collected, in particular, through an account on the website, social media, in writing, via telephone and through commercial interaction between customers and ANA DE MATTOS .

Once collected, personal data will be processed and stored by computer and in an automated or non-automated manner, guaranteeing in all cases strict compliance with personal data protection legislation, being stored in specific databases created for this purpose and, intended to be used in pre-contractual and contractual relations established with its Customers or potential Customers, within the scope of the products and services made available.

Personal data may also be processed for the purposes of complying with legal obligations and for the purposes of investigation, detection and prosecution of serious crimes. They may also be used for other purposes, such as sending complaints and suggestions, disseminating institutional information, learning about campaigns, promotions, advertising and news about ANA DE MATTOS products and/or services, as well as for carrying out market studies or evaluation surveys.

The data will be stored and kept only for the minimum period necessary for the pursuit of the purposes that motivated its collection or its subsequent processing, under the terms defined by law.

Within the scope of customer data management, the personal data collected may be transmitted to third parties that are companies transporting goods with the sole and exclusive purpose of carrying out and fully executing the services or products purchased by the user, holder of the personal data collected.

Customers may cancel their subscription at any time and immediately request that their data and personal information be deleted by contacting ANA DE MATTOS at +244 922 081 296 or email

3.6 Newsletter

You are the one who decides whether you want to receive newsletters and information from us.

The information that the customer provides is only used to send periodic information about news, offers and promotions. The sending of the same is subject to the express approval of the user. The latter can cancel the subscription to this service whenever they wish.

ANA DE MATTOS is against spam practices (unsolicited emails) and does not carry out this type of behavior.

3.7 Social Networks

ANA DE MATTOS is present on the main social networks: INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. For this reason, it assumes the role of Data Controller for the processing of its profiles derived from friends, likes, followers, comments, etc. The user expressly agrees to be subject to the conditions and terms that, in terms of privacy, have different social networks or platforms where ANA DE MATTOS is present, enabling him to use the means that the same networks allow to inform users about the different activities and services it performs.

3.8 Contact

We are entirely at your disposal for questions regarding the protection and processing of data or requests for information. Do not hesitate to contact us via email:

3.9 Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated at any time, in accordance with legal changes that may occur, in order to protect the customer. keeps your data safe and accessible.

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Terms & Conditions

O presente documento estabelece as Condições Gerais de Utilização e as Condições Gerais de Venda Online da página web da ANA DE MATTOS. A navegação no website e/ou compra de qualquer produto através do mesmo implica a aceitação das presentes Condições Gerais.

1.1 Titularidade da Loja Online

O domínio e loja online disponível em é propriedade da empresa MATOS E PAIVA LDA, com  sede na Veríssimo Pascoal da Costa nº14, Luanda / Angola, com o NIF 516 276 565 e titular da marca ANA DE MATTOS

1.2 Âmbito de aplicação

As presentes Condições Gerais regulam a visita/navegação e as operações de compra e venda efetuadas na loja online, entre qualquer pessoa singular que a utilize com um intuito meramente pessoal, enquanto consumidor final, sem intenção de revender os artigos que aí adquire, e a MATOS E PAIVA LDA enquanto responsável pela comercialização dos seus produtos através desta loja online.

O Utilizador compromete-se a utilizar este website em cumprimento com o disposto na legislação aplicável, abstendo-se de utilizar a página para atividades contrárias à lei, à moral e bons costumes, ou direitos e interesses de terceiros.

Consideram-se propriedade intelectual da ANA DE MATTOS, MATOS E PAIVA LDA, e como tal, protegidos pelas normas do Direito da Propriedade Industrial, todas as marcas, sinais distintivos, imagens, textos, fotografias e quaisquer outros trabalhos/obras reproduzidos ou representados na loja online, sendo por isso proibida qualquer reprodução ou representação total ou parcial do mesmo website ou de quaisquer elementos nele presentes.

1.3 Alteração das presentes Condições

A ANA DE MATTOS reserva-se o direito de modificar livremente e a qualquer momento as Condições Gerais, de modo a adequá-las à legislação aplicável, sem necessidade de qualquer pré-aviso.

Reserva-se ainda o direito de modificar unilateralmente e em qualquer momento, sem aviso prévio, a apresentação e conteúdo do website sobre produtos, preços, promoções, condições comerciais e serviços. Essas modificações servirão para uma melhoria do website, melhorando simultaneamente os serviços oferecidos ao Utilizador.

Apesar de toda a atenção disposta aquando a preparação dos conteúdos do website, as informações, textos, documentos gráficos e /ou outros serviços podem conter erros ou estarem incompletos. Nestas situações, a ANA DE MATTOS não poderá ser responsabilizada por quaisquer danos resultantes do uso (ou incapacidade de uso) do website, incluindo danos causados por vírus ou qualquer inexatidão ou imperfeição das informações.

1.4 Política Comercial

A venda subjacente a cada encomenda realizada pelo Cliente é feita sob reserva de propriedade, pelo que os produtos são propriedade da ANA DE MATTOS até efetivo e integral pagamento do valor devido.

1.5 Informação sobre os Produtos

A ANA DE MATTOS tem em consideração a informação relativa às características essenciais dos produtos mediante descrições técnicas partilhadas pelos seus fornecedores, e de fotografias que ilustram os produtos comercializados.

As imagens e fotografias dos produtos, apesar de tentarem ser o mais fidedignas possível são ilustrativas, pelo que o Cliente deverá considerar a hipótese de existirem diferenças de cor, aparências de feitio/forma, que também se poderão dever ao monitor e ao navegador web utilizados por aquele. Deste modo, recomendamos ao Cliente a consulta cuidadosa e detalhada do produto e das respetivas características, de modo a certificar-se devidamente das mesmas no momento da sua compra.

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